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The Unwanteds Quests: Dragon Bones
by Lisa McMann

I have always found Lisa McMann’s books very pleasing to engulf into my mind and memory and her books will always stick with me.

by Amy Mcculloch


by Louis Sachar

It is a good book

Hair Love
by Matthew A. Cherry

I re read it again because I didn't get the meaning of the story.

Lady Long Rider
by Bernice Ende

I loved the book I would recommend this to a 10 year old because it is fun to read!

Mistborn Book 1
by Brandon Sanderson

Truly epic!

The High Graders
by Louis L'Amour

Fascinating book with a well-spun plot, deep & chivalrous characters, and fantastic writing.

Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Radical Plan To Destroy Democracy
by Andy Ngo

Incredible and insightful... would recommend!

Janitors 3
by Tyler Whitesides

This book is very well written, the characters progress and never find a problem that's impossible to solve, even though there are some very difficult parts for them. This story keeps moving, and once you start its hard to put it down.

Janitors 1
by Tyler Whitesides

This book is amazing, with a lot of suspense and a good plot, it keeps moving. This is and amazing book.
1234Page 1 of 4